Aidan Onn

Toy Store Owner

Playlounge is the brainchild of founder Aidan Onn, who founded the shop in 2003. It was one of the country's first collectible toy shops, and has been a resounding success.

A design conscious toyshop not only for kids but for adults too; breaking down some misconceptions about toys.

Playlounge is a space where adults can let their inner-child run wild and where kids can find a new best friend. A place where design, art and illustration fuse with toy culture to provide an environment where everyone can play.

They always looking to represent the most innovative, challenging, fun-packed and cutting edge products; games, toys, books and all sorts of misfits for a design-conscious public. Playlounge offers a wide range of products, but are very critical in our offering, combating mainstream homogenised blandness