Amy Osowski

Brand Co-Owner

Lulubell Toy Bodega opened in 2004, in Tucson, AZ and was the brain child of co-owner Luke Rook. Lulubell made the move to the Phoenix metro area in 2012 and now calls historic downtown Mesa, AZ home. Amy is co-owner of Lulubell, and manages the store & gallery in Mesa, as well as heading up the online store, shipping department, and the US side of production. Many hats! Lulubell is well known with having the largest variety of sofubi artists under one roof! A total Mom & Pop shop, Lulubell is the little guy with big dreams.

Having grown up in Northern California, Amy had roots in the California art, skateboard & music scenes, and received her Bachelor's of Arts in Business/Marketing from CSU Sacramento, with undergraduate degrees in natural science & art. (Can you say type-A personality?) She left her corporate life managing an Interior Design firm in 2006 to join Luke and dive into an industry more aligned with her passions. When she's not slinging sofubi at work, she can be found doing volunteer work for Arizona Pug Rescue and Rehabilitation Network & the Downtown Mesa Arts Collaboration Group, or at home with her family, which includes 3 kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a variety of fish and monsters.