Björn V. Eding


Otto Björnik aka Björn V. Eding is as much a storyteller as illustrator. His wordless stories are a rich mixture of precious childhood memories and fairy tales. An architect by training, he creates intricate works in pen and ink, though also forays into designing art toys that are reminiscent of the whimsical characters in his illustrations.
He continues to push the boundaries of his craft, from his initial skecthes of vernacular houses for UNESCO to the Yahoo! Purplescape campaign to more experimental pieces that have won international competitions and garnered gallery exhibitions worldwide. And with every push of the boundary, he finds there are more and more stories to tell.
Otto Björnik has illustrated for brands like Yahoo!, Tiger Beer and production music company Two Steps From Hell. He has actively collaborated with artists and toy companies like Kidrobot and VTSS Toys to create whimsical art toys, and have gained a following in the past few years. He currently lives and works in Davao City, Philippines.