Bubi Au Yeung

Artist / Toy Designer

Bubi Au Yeung was born and raised in Hong Kong, where she works as a toy designer and multimedia designer. She has since had the opportunity to work on projects with a diverse mix of companies, such as advertising agency TeamOne from USA, Crazylabel, China Times Publishing Company from Taiwan, Playlounge from UK, Poketo from US, local culture magazine:Fleurs des Lettres and Platform, KUSSO toy store from Shanghai, noferin, Singpao newspaper and others.

From doodling on phone books as a child, Bubi’s artistic skills have come a long way. For as long as she can remember, Bubi loves to draw, read all kinds of comic and illustrated books, and collect toys. She has created a series of illustrated stories, numerous characters, and limited figures. Including Treeson, who's borned under Bubi's magic strokes and being produced as her first vinyl figure in 2005, and quickly became a fans' favorite around the world and she also got her first book “Treeson and other stories” published.

Bubi believes in simplicity.