Cory Privitera

Toy Producer

Cory Privitera (Science Patrol) is a Tokyo-based toy designer, producer, and Japanese soft vinyl factory worker. Since 2014 Cory has worked as a wax prototyper and has produced dozens of projects for clients all over the world.

Science Patrol specializes in their own line of affordable Japanese soft vinyl toys and has released over 40 different characters including various yokai, monsters, animals, and artifacts as well as a bird with lips, a larva with the face of a Japanese game developer, and a Pomeranian with a elephant-like trunk that absolutely no one on this earth wanted to buy.

In 2016, in addition to continuous waxwork and personal toy projects, Cory started working part-time at Maruyama Toy producing Japanese soft vinyl firsthand. In the future, Cory hopes to open his own factory to handle existing and future clients.