Dave Bondi

Artist / Sculptor

Dave Bondi is a twenty year veteran of the animation and video game industry having worked for such notable entertainment companies as Electronic Arts, Disney, Activision, Mattel and the television show "SouthPark". His work spans a broad range of disciplines, ranging from traditional sculpture to highly technical media such as Virtual Reality and 3D Printing. Known for his contributions as a sculptor in the designer toy art world, his collaborators have included Joe Ledbetter, Luke Chueh, Kidrobot, Munkyking and many others. As a printmaker, he has worked with dozens of notable contemporary artists including Gary Baseman, Greg "Craola" Simkins, and Audrey Kawasaki. In the world of abstract art, he creates self-described "Pop Action Sculpture" - elaborate constructions of brightly colored lines in plastic and polyurethane foam. His process - based sculpture attempts to capture the spontaneity and energy of abstract expressionism in three dimensional form. Bondi received his BFA from the University of Michigan. He lives and works in Los Angeles, California.