David Stowe

Designer / Brand Owner

David Stowe grew up in Charleston, SC, and was raised on a steady diet of skateboarding, comic books, and punk rock. He moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to work as a graphic designer. In 2008, his passion for art and design led him to create Vannen — a company that creates limited edition artist watches that celebrate all of his favorite aspects of popular culture. Now in its sixth year, Vannen has produced collectible timepieces with artists (Huck Gee, Steak Mtn., Kronk), bands (Against Me!, Descendents, Rancid), comics (The Walking Dead, Manifest Destiny, Invincible) and more. David currently lives and works in Los Angeles with an ungrateful foster cat. He is a Virgo, and has not eaten proper grits since 2006.