Giorgia Mannucci


Born and raised in Rome, Italy, I studied Business and Management for Art after escaping work in the fashion industry. 

I spent 4 years working at MondoPOP Gallery in Rome, one of the few art toy, street art and pop surrealism galleries in Italy back in mid 2000s. There I had the chance to do an immersive study of the ultra contemporary currents, as well as their market mechanisms and (lack of) rules. 

Since I moved to California, I’ve been busy at Joe Ledbetter’s Studio where I daily deal with marketing, product development, PR and social media. Best job on this side of the galaxy.
I’m also an advocate and aficionado for social media for cultural institutions. I’ve taken part in international research in the field, as well I hosted special classes in Italian Universities on the topic. I spend my well deserved “mommy time” as a LACMA docent, touring kids from all over the Los Angeles area, trying to show how Art belongs to everybody and it can save us all.