Igor Ventura


Igor Ventura is an art director, motion designer, illustrator and customizer from Brazil. He started his career working in the account and planning departments of advertising agencies while still in college. Before his graduation in 2001, he decided to focus on design and started working in the creative department. Today, he is a motion designer in an audiovisual studio in Sao Paulo, while in his spare time creates designs for contests, as well as custom designers toys.

Igor started collecting designer toys in 2007, around the time he met his friend Sergio Mancini. Together they have founded Red Mutuca Studios in 2009, an art collective of heavily talented artists and designers from around the globe who share the same passion for developing creative solutions for designer art toys, limited edition and custom toy pieces, character designs, illustrations, street art pieces, accessories and more.

Most notable of their projects are custom and production designer toys that they have created with toy brands such as Kidrobot, Aarting, Toy2r, CE Planet, among others.

Igor ranked 3rd place in in the Kidrobot Munnyworld: MunnyMunth Contest in 2010, was a finalist in the CE Planet Toy Global Contest I in 2010, had a production piece in Blankie series 1 by Aarting and a Dunny in the Art of War series by Kidrobot.