Israel "lev" Levarek

Toy Store Owner / Manufacturer

Israel "lev" Levarek started dealing with toys n the early 80's, Collecting was a BIG Hobby of his,especially ROBOTS and BATMAN toys. Lev traveled far and wide, going to countries to hunt down RARE and hard to find toys, that collector friends needed in the USA (way  before the INTERNET).

After the success of his toy hunting (Traveling to Spain to hunt special Marvel Secret Wars figures, and Istanbul, Turkey to locate special UZAY blue Snowtrooper figure), Lev decided to open his first store in Evanston, Illinois, called It's a Small World. However, after the first day, Lev closed the store in favor of a Color Toy catalogue (the first ever in full color), which contained every cool toy that anyone ever dreamed of. In order to produce this catalogue Lev took his own pictures and spent over 6months working on the project. Selling out in record time, Lev was spurred on to devote his life to toys and collecting.

Lev now owns and runs the highly successful Toy Tokyo store and gallery in NYC.