Jon Malmstedt

Artist / Manufacturer

Jon Malmstedt is a Japan based sculptor and painter, working under the title of RAMPAGE TOYS. Jon stared making resin figures in 2008, and his own Japanese Vinyl (Sofubi) figures in 2010, and has since collaborated with many of the Sofubi industry’s finest contributors- on projects ranging from paintwork to figure sculpting and prototyping. Jon is best known for his paintwork, having worked on numerous releases of figures such as Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s Sludge Demon and Ollie, SPLURRT’s Cadaver Kids and Twins, Paul Kaiju’s Mock Bat and Unchiman, Cosmo Knight Alpha’s Yusei Majin and Jon’s own lines of Tsuburaya Productions licensed kaiju and the RAMPAGE KAIBUTSUYA’s Kesagake. RAMPAGE TOYS also dabbles regularly in the bustling Japanese and Western Keshi (rubber figure) scene. Currently, RAMPAGE is run out of a Central Tokyo location, RAMPAGE STUDIOS, where 4 or 5 times a year Jon opens the doors to the public for Sofubi, Keshi and Art exhibits.