Junnosuke Abe


Established in 2009, RESTORE is led by the concept creator and sculptor, artist, Junnosuke Abe.

Back from his days an undergraduate student of Kyoto’s university of arts, Junnosuke, gifted in realistic sculptures such as “creatures”, has been recognized
as a talented sculptor, and has sculpted many works sold throughout the world.

With Junnosuke’s transcendent sculpting sense and distinctive perspective of the supernatural world, RESTORE offers various original items pursuing spiritual values.

From 2011, Junnosuke and RESTORE expanded into the Soft Vinyl world. With detailed sculpting and fusion with other materials, RESTORE aims to create works that will overturn traditional images of Soft Vinyl figures.


2009年設立。メインとなるコンセプトと造型を手掛けるのは、アーティスト 阿部 順之介。