Miranda O'Brien

Editor in Chief / Partner

Miranda is a pioneering web and print publisher who is best known for launching Clutter Magazine, the first English language print magazine to cover the burgeoning urban vinyl toy scene. After receiving a 1st Class BA degree in Graphic Design in 2004, she honed a design aesthetic from years of curating the hottest talent on both sides of the Atlantic and embraced an entrepreneurial flair still burning bright. Miranda has launched initiatives from the celebration of 40 years of Action Man to the re-brand of top fashion stock sites, and has been published and received accolades in the UK, the USA, Japan, Germany and China amongst others. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Miranda moved to New York in 2009 to follow her heart, where not only did she get married, but her company did too. Miranda now has a little girl called Pixie, and she still kicks ass at Karaoke.