Paul Cruikshank

Designer / Toy Manufacturer

Paul Cruikshank - 46 years old - Born Paul Cruikshank in Salem Oregon where he was immediately tossed across the border to California for fun in the sun on surfboards, skateboards and punk rock music. By 1984 Paul barely graduated high school in San Diego and almost landed a job at a carwash but it wasn't to be; so his mother bribed him to move to Fresno with a carton of smokes - three hots & a cot.

By 19 Paul was flourishing in the blazing sun of the valley or is it a desert? or a valley? or a desert? promoting punk rock shows and starting record stores with Timothy Jackson Biskup. In 2004 Paul's carnie side came out as he rolled out the ultra-delicious line of Circus Punks. Paul's right brain - or his it his left brain? knew better and he kept his real job as well. Today Paul still produces Circus Punks with his shorter friend Steve Richard and takes good care of his lovely daughter Corin. Let's BBQ tonight. Wanna?