Sergio Mancini


Born in Brazil and currently based on Chile, Sergio Mancini is a self-taught illustrator who has been professionally illustrating since 1987 for advertising campaigns, magazines, newspapers, children’s books and others. He is also a portrait artist, cartoonist, graphic designer, sculptor and air-brusher. He has fallen in love with designer toys in 2007, and has been collecting, creating and customizing art toys since then.

Together with his friend Igor Ventura, Sergio has founded Red Mutuca Studios in 2009, an art collective of heavily talented artists and designers from around the globe who share the same passion for developing creative solutions for designer art toys, limited edition and custom toy pieces, character designs, illustrations, street art pieces, accessories and more.

In 2011, Sergio has won the MUNNYWORLD contest with his “Project: MUNNY” custom and gained international recognition. Since then he has designed production pieces for Kidrobot, DeadZebra, Play Imaginative and participated in several expos.