Sven Waschk

Artist / Manufacturer

Born in Germany, Sven Waschk has been fascinated by characters since he was a little kid. Whether they were in Sunday morning cartoons, comic books, or a box of corn flakes, these characters and his fascination with them cultivated a deep interest in creating art.

He went on to study graphic design, and during this period he spent a semester in Japan. It was here that he discovered a whole new perspective on design and culture, and these experiences still inform his work today.

While working for an advertising agency doing graphic design and illustration, he began creating his first characters. As exciting as this was at the time, advertising quickly began to depress him and he jumped at the opportunity to work with artist Mark Landwehr, forming the artist duo now known as coarse.

Famous for their unique style and somber characters, coarse works to push boundaries in every aspect of design. They have held exhibitions all over the globe, won numerous awards and collaborated with Amnesty International, UbiSoft, and Warner Bros. to create evocative and memorable figures.